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15/09/2006   Blog
Opinionated opinions
7 16/03/2016
16/03/2009   Toastmasters Speeches
A collection of my speeches in ToastMasters
12 29/02/2016
02/05/2007   HypeCharts
Wondering whether the current buzzword is worth the effort? Do people put their money where their mouth is? Check the reality
14 16/03/2010
20/11/2006   Hacking the OpenJDK compiler
A series of articles about the newly released and GPL java compiler by Sun.
9 16/03/2010
02/03/2008   Web Services
A small collection of web services that I use for teaching purposes. Unless otherwise specified, all services produce *real* data.
5 16/03/2010
15/09/2006   Linux short tips
A set of small tips, tricks and recipes about the Linux OS. Constantly growing :-)
2 16/03/2010
04/04/2008   C Language
A small collection of C language snippets
3 16/03/2010
15/09/2006   JavaScript Short Tips
A set of small tips, tricks and recipes concerning javascript programming. Constantly growing :-)
6 16/03/2010
12/09/2006   Java Short Recipes
A set of small tips, tricks and recipes concerning java programming. Constantly growing :-)
7 06/01/2009
06/04/2008   Online Tools
A set of online tools for helping with miscellaneous programming tasks
1 06/04/2008
19/01/2007   Geometry for Games
A small collection of articles, formulas and algorithms related to geometry for game writers. Java
8 06/05/2007
19/01/2007   Tips and Tutorials for Java 4k Games
A small collection of Java snippets and tutorials for making Java micro games (e.g. Java 4K). Implementations are geared towards code compactness and not speed.
9 14/04/2007