Tube Dreams 4K

What is Tube Dreams 4k?

Tube Dreams 4K is one of my entries into the official Java 4K 2007 game contest. The game itself is an enhanced remake of an old classic that I liked many (15+) years ago. If I recall properly, it was called "Pipe Dreams".

 Click here to play Tube Dreams via webstart
(A Java 1.5 runtime environment is required)

In Tube Dreams, your aim is to connect with the appropriate pipes the starting position (which will always be at the center of the screen) with any of the edges of the board . Some levels are open, meaning that just any edge square will do. Some other levels, however, have all squares but one blocked by boulders.

Tube Dreams

On the right side of the board you will see a vertical set of pipe items. The topmost item is the one that you have to place. To place it, just click with the mouse on the board. You can place a pipe anywhere (even on existing pipes) except on the starting position and on boulders ( boulder)

Now everything in life comes with a cost, and pipes do too. So plan the placement of your pipes carefully because just clicking till you get the needed one will quickly make you run out of cash. As you complete levels, the cost of the pipes increases.

Fortunately, you can make money in three ways:

You have a limited time before liquid starts flowing. Once it is flowing, you can still place new pipes but only if the liquid has not touched them.

If you don´t want to wait till the time runs out, you can click with the mouse on the starting position, and this will make the liquid start to flow automatically.

If the liquid spills out, it's game over:

Game over

Download the full Tube Dreams 4K source code here. Code is provided AS IS for educational purposes. It cannot be posted publically (either in electronic or printed form) or used in any other way without permission.