Sailor Fun 4K

Abducer Screenshot

What is Sailor Fun 4k?

Sailor Fun 4K is one of my entries into the official Java 4K 2007 game contest. It features smooth animation based on motion capture and tweening.


 Click here to play Sailor Fun 4k via webstart
(A Java 1.5 runtime environment is required)

For the impatient : After a game over or lost life, press ENTER

Sailor Fun 4K Screenshot

The game is pretty simple. Parents are at work and have left their babies alone at home. Now we all know how naughty babies can be, crawling all over the place and climbing on windows. Your aim is to catch the babies as they fall from the windows. Of course, our lovely neighbourhood is also filled with loving couples that argue from time to time, throwing furniture out of the windows.... So be careful and don't be hit by a falling plasma TV! :-)

Use the arrow keys to move.

If you die, press ENTER to continue (or to start again, if you lost all your lives)

Download the full Sailor Fun 4K source code here. Code is provided AS IS for educational purposes. It cannot be posted publically (either in electronic or printed form) or used in any other way without permission.