Raiden 4K

Mini Miner Screenshot

What is Raiden 4k?

Raiden 4K is one of my entries into the official Java 4K 2007 game contest. The game itself is a limited remake of one of the greatest shooters ever :-)

The game features:

 Click here to play Raiden 4k via webstart
(A Java 1.5 runtime environment is required)

For the impatient : To start, or after a game over or lost life, press ENTER

Do you really need an explanation? Well, here it is:

Controls : Use the arrow keys (including combinations) to move, and the SPACE bar to shoot.

The firing rate of your ship is controlled by your power generator. Whenever the red power bar is full (located in the lower right end of the screen), you can fire a new shot. With the appropriate power-ups, you can upgrade your generator to produce power faster, thus enabling you to fire faster. Also, note than not all enemies can be destroyed with a single hit. As you progress throughout the game, enemies will change from being killed with a single shot to requiring quite more effort.

Occasionally, a killed enemy will drop part of its hardware, which you can pick to upgrade your ship. There are 6 different chips in the game, with many different effects.

Raiden 4k powerups

SPOILER! If  you really really need to know what each powerup does, here's the list (select the text below to unveil it)

Full repair of the ship hull
Extra Ship (up to a maximum of 5)
Increases the available fire power, from a single laser shot to 12 simultanous shots in multiple directions
Creates a protection droid that orbits the ship and protects it from enemy bullets. Droids can only be destroyed by colliding with enemies, and you can have a virtuallty unlimited amount of them, in effect creating an impenetrable bullet shield
Sends a self-destruct signal to all enemies on the screen.
Increases the power of the generator, allowing faster fire rate.


The amount of damage your ship sustains is represented in the lower central bar, which is your hull status. Whenever the hull status is too low, it will turn red. If depleted, your ship explodes and you loose one life, together with all the upgrades you have collected.

Download the full Raiden 4K source code here. Code is provided AS IS for educational purposes. It cannot be posted publically (either in electronic or printed form) or used in any other way without permission.