Mini Miner 4K

Mini Miner Screenshot

What is Mini Miner 4k?

Mini Miner 4K is one of my entries into the official Java 4K 2007 game contest. The game itself is an enhanced remake of an old classic..

 Click here to play Mini Miner via webstart
(A Java 1.5 runtime environment is required)

For the impatient : To start, or after a game over or completed level, press ENTER

Mini Miner 4K Screenshot


In Mini Miner, your aim is to amass a fortune by carefully mining the gold ore blocks and various precious stones. For each level, you have to reach a specific target in cash specified at the beginning of the level, and you must achieve this within the allotted time. If you don't manage to do it - it's game over for the poor miner.

Use the left and right cursor keys to move the wagon and the space bar to launch the hook. The hook will try to pick the first thing it reaches and will pull it back. The bigger the ore, the slower will be the pullback. Have in mind that some stones are too big for pulling.

Not all stones and gold ores have the same monetary value, so pick your targets carefully in order to proceed.

Download the full MiniMiner 4K source code here. Code is provided AS IS for educational purposes. It cannot be posted publically (either in electronic or printed form) or used in any other way without permission.