Duukie 4K

Dukke 4K

What is Duukie 4k?

Duukie 4K is one of my entries into the official Java 4K 2007 game contest. The game itself is an enhanced remake of an old classic that I liked many (15+) years ago - Cookie, by one of the great Spectrum publishing houses : Ultimate : Play the Game.

 Click here to play Duukie via webstart
(A Java 1.5 runtime environment is required)

For the impatient : To start, or after a game over or completed level, press ENTER

Duuke screenshot

In Duukie, you have to help poor Duke prepare its fruity meal. Unfortunately, the fruities aren't feeling like being eaten, and the kitchen itself has been invaded by all sorts of garbage - nuts, bolts , fish bones and what not. You must manage to push the fruit into the bowl while at the same time keeping out the garbage (which you may push into the garbage bins for additional points).  But beware of throwing the tasty fruit into the garbage bin, as they will get eaten by the evil invisible Cheese-ire cat, which will then throw out at you even more garbage.

In order to push both fruits and garbage, Duke can throw at them his special Ultrafast Flour SacksTM. Flour sacks are always shot in the direction in which Duke is moving, or if Duke is standing still, in the direction in which he last moved.

Under the bowl, a counter appears showing the amount of fruit left in order to prepare the meal. If garbage falls into the bowl, the counter will increase. When the counter reaches 0, the meal will be ready and you get a huge score boost, possibly increasing the level.

Use the arrow keys to move, and the space bar to shoot. You can move and shoot diagonally by pressing more than one key simultaneously (for example, UP+RIGHT).

You start with five lives and lose one life each time a fruit or some garbage touches you. To start the game, or to continue after a level has been completed or after losing a life, press ENTER.

Download the full Duukie 4K source code here. Code is provided AS IS for educational purposes. It cannot be posted publically (either in electronic or printed form) or used in any other way without permission.